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Trainee Program Classes

Classical Ballet Technique
Pointe Technique
Men’s Technique
Classical Variations
Contemporary Technique
Modern Technique
Pas de Deux

Classical Repertoire
Contemporary Repertoire
Rehearsals for Performances
Communication and Support
Nutrition Lectures
Medical Support
Career Counseling

Class Schedule

Trainees follow the TBCDE School Calendar with classes typically running Monday through Friday each week, from approx. 9:30am-4:30pm. However, if Trainees are invited to rehearse or perform with TBII or Main Company, their schedule will adapt to the company schedule. A dancer’s schedule may vary depending on rehearsals, performances, and events.

Dancers are encouraged, but not required, to take additional TBCDE classes in the evenings and weekends with the upper levels, especially on days where rehearsals are finished by the lunch hour. Additional classes are free of charge to Trainees, and there is no limit on the number of classes each dancer can take. Trainee men will be required to participate in school pas de deux classes when scheduled.