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Housing Program

Housing is only available for students accepted into our Senior Intensive.  Students will stay at a local hotel in a group block, with Tulsa Ballet chaperones.  The chaperones are responsible for maintaining housing program rules and guidelines while at the hotel and during off-site events and activities.  Students will be transported to and from the studios for classes and other activities and events by the chaperones, in 15-passenger vans.  The housing fees include room and board (breakfast, lunch, dinner each day, and snacks during class days).   Activities are a separate fee, based on student registration for each activity/event.

Senior Division Housing:

  • 4 Weeks: $3432
  • 2 Weeks: $1663

Chaperone Application and Responsibilities

Tulsa Ballet is pleased to welcome students from across North America to our Summer Intensives. Taught by our talented faculty and selected International guest artists, Tulsa Ballet is committed to providing the best in dance education for students ages 9-22.

An integral part to our achieving this goal is to provide safe and supportive accommodations for students while they train with us from out of town. With the understanding that students need adequate rest, proper nutrition and extra-curricular activities to relax, make new friends and learn about our wonderful city, students can participate in a series of evening and weekend activities to enhance their experience with us. Tulsa Ballet expects to have 20-25 students who will require housing during their time with us.  To facilitate these goals, Tulsa Ballet seeks out dynamic and caring chaperones to join us for our summer programs. 

Chaperones will:

·         Make the safety and supervision and of students their first priority
·         Ensue that students follow Tulsa Ballet and Hotel guidelines (as listed on the registration form)
·         Transport students to and from Tulsa Ballet studios by car or by van each day
·         Assist with meal delivery & preparation (as needed)
·         Attend evening and weekend activities or chaperone students who stay within the hotel
·         Monitor and support sick or injured students and/or accompany students to hospital or physician’s office, if necessary
·         Communicate daily with TBCDE staff regarding any concerns about students health and well-being
·         Adhere to Tulsa Ballet CDE Open Communication Policy
·        Receive free room and board at the hotel.
·        Receive a weekly compensation rate or up to 4 weeks free tuition for one student of the Chaperone’s choice, attending Tulsa Ballet Summer Intensive. 

 Chaperone Qualifications:

·       Be 25 years of age or older
·       Pass a criminal background check
·       Have experience working with young people
·       Have up-to-date CPR or other first aid training
·       Have a valid driver’s license
·       Have current automobile Liability Insurance

Chaperones will be selected based upon their previous experience, maturity and their availability to work multiple weeks of the Intensive Program.   

 Adults interested in being Summer Intensive chaperones must submit a completed chaperone application to Tulsa Ballet by April 15, 2024.  Chaperones will be notified beginning May 1, 2024, or earlier if possible.

  Click here for more details and the chaperone application.

For students ages 7-9, we offer our Summer Youth Intensive.  This program does not require an audition.  Click here for more information!