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Did you know that ticket sales account for only about 40% of Tulsa Ballet’s revenue? That means we rely on donations from generous individuals like you, as well as from foundations and corporations, in order to continue offering high quality programming to our community. Learn about the different ways you can donate to Tulsa Ballet today.

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Why Support Tulsa Ballet?

We’re glad you asked! Learn about why our high-quality, non-profit ballet company right in the heart of Tulsa, OK is a worthy cause.


Tulsa Ballet members enjoy exclusive benefits such as: access to the VIP Lounge, behind-the-scenes experiences, invitations to watch company class, special events, preferred season ticketing, and so much more!

Special Events

From our largest fundraising gala of the year, Icons & Idols, to fun cocktail parties and public performances, Tulsa Ballet offers fun and exciting events for everyone.

Corporate Giving

Corporations support Tulsa Ballet’s performances and educational programs while also receiving benefits such as community visibility, brand awareness, and VIP access to world-class ballet performances and experiences.

Legacy Giving

Named in honor of Tulsa Ballet founder Roman Jasinski, the Jasinski Society recognizes benefactors who expressed their appreciation for the Ballet by making a deferred gift. Planned gifts ensure the future of Tulsa Ballet and its vision of achieving international prominence.