Hope for the Holidays

Hope for the Holidays is back! Tulsa Ballet is dedicated to supporting Tulsa’s underserved community by providing accessible outreach and education opportunities. Each year, we provide clients of local social service agencies free tickets to a special performance of The Nutcracker. For many of these children, this is their very first introduction to the performing arts. For just $25, you can share the magic of ballet with a child and make this holiday season one to remember!

Tulsa Ballet Managing Director Scott Black says, “Hope for the Holidays and Partners in Art are programs that share the joy of dance with members of the Tulsa community who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend ballet performances. For one magical night each December, Tulsa Ballet opens its doors to more than 2,000 clients of area social service agencies, who come to experience the enchanting story, beautiful costumes and live music of The Nutcracker, complete with juice and cookies for the family and a take home holiday gift—all at no cost to them. Hope for the Holidays is one of my favorite nights of the year, as Tulsa Ballet gives back to the community, and to those who would never have the chance to attend a performance on their own. It’s what the holidays are all about.”

Artistic Director Marcello Angelini says, “Hope for the Holidays is, for many people, their first and only exposure to the art of dance. I am always so eager to sit in the audience for the performance as I know the reaction we are going to get from the audience is a direct reflection of how the show impacts them…There is nothing that matches the feeling of pure joy that follows a performance of Hope for the Holidays; seeing the audience leave the theater dancing, singing and smiling with happiness is what we are all in this business for! I know Christmas is here when Hope for the Holidays takes to the stage at the PAC. It reminds me of why we are in the arts. It is to bring joy, emotions, sense of accomplishment and culture to the people who care to interact with us.”

Tulsa social service agencies say about the impact Hope for the Holidays makes on their clients,

“Thank you for the time that you invest in creating a seating chart for all of the families attending! It is truly a blessing for our families to have the opportunity to do something that they would otherwise not be able to afford.”

“We’ve had several families the past couple of years who were thrilled to be blessed with tickets for their families to see the Nutcracker. We are so grateful for this opportunity!”

 In addition to children, many seniors in the metropolitan area enjoy the special evening at the ballet. Clients from LIFE Senior Services say,

“Seeing The Nutcracker truly makes it feel like Christmas.”
“When we had a young family, we would go to The Nutcracker—this continues our family tradition.”
“Everyone is so happy to be at the ballet—we love the music, the dancing and the entire evening.”