Job description:

The Production Manager (PM) makes sure everyone has what they need, when they need it, to do their job safely, properly, with excellence and ensure all expectations are communicated and understood. And if any of this is lacking, fix it.

The PM, with the Artistic Director and the Production Stage Manager (PSM), is responsible for technical and production planning and implementation of main company, second company, and education performances for home and touring productions; providing technical support for special events; and scheduling and managing IATSE department heads and crew.

With the PSM the PM also oversees facilities management, including warehouse, studios, and Studio K Theater. Contract negotiating and management includes incoming and outgoing sets, costumes, and props, designer contracts, outside rentals of Studio K.

Strong technical direction background preferred. Proficiency in AutoCAD or Vectorworks, ETC Ion consoles, MS Office, DropBox, Zoom, Q-Lab, projection and video server experience very helpful.

Expected start date March 2021.

Reports directly to the Artistic Director (AD).

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • Work with PSM, and Costume Director on all productions both in home city and on tour, nationally and internationally.
  • Work with PSM to coordinate with Artistic staff the availability of props and other scenic pieces needed for studio rehearsals.
  • Work with PSM to make sure temperatures on stage and in studio are within a 72/76 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Facilitate designs and designers for lighting, scenic, and properties needs with PSM and Artistic staff. Work with designers to achieve design goals.
  • Consult with AD and PSM on budgeting for future productions/season and tracking costs for each production during the season.
  • Consult with PSM on production schedules for all performances for both home city and on tour, nationally and internationally.
  • Coordinate company tour dates (including regional educational programs) with Company Artistic staff.
  • Manage Studio K (the TBT studio theater) outside rentals and contracts.
  • Manage and maintain facilities, including, but not limited to, studio temperatures, Marley maintenance, floor maintenance, audio equipment maintenance and lighting equipment maintenance.


Covid related:

    • Regulate HVAC air flow to utilize new Covid air filtration system.
    • Provide technical support for Zoom and MS Teams company classes and choreographic processes throughout studios. There is overlap with Education use of equipment.
    • Help maintain sanitization stations and sanitizing studio floor during dancer breaks. There is overlap with Education cleaning schedule.


Position responsibilities:

  • Manage and provide support for
    • All technical aspects for the Main Company.
    • Development Director and Special Events Manager on all special events.
    • and advise CDE on educational shows.
  • Coordinate music and musician needs with Music Manager/accompanist.
  • Negotiate contracts with various Designers chosen by Artistic Director.
  • Arrange payments of designer rights, royalties, and any USA829 contributions due for all productions.
  • Create ground and hanging plans and have an understanding of lighting plans for all TB productions.
  • Hire and supervise part-time production staff and IATSE crews for all calls and performances.
  • Manage incoming and outgoing scenic and costume rental contracts and logistics to/from TBT warehouse and performance venues.
  • Order supplies needed for each production.
  • Act as primary liaison between TBT and local PACs for scheduling performances and technical needs.
  • Advance all technical requirements for company tours, both nationally and internationally.
  • Arrange shipping for sets/costumes/props for international touring, including carnet and insurance for all shipped items.
  • Attend rehearsals.
  • Maintain and organize warehouse.
  • Supervise all rehearsals and performances in Studio K.
  • Supervise all technical aspects of Studio K.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by AD.

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