Membership Listings

Founders’ Society

Members of the Founders’ Society, named in honor of Tulsa Ballet’s founders—Roman Jasinski, Moscelyne Larkin and Rosalie Talbott—are Tulsa Ballet’s most distinguished group of supporters. Their regular, unrestricted contributions to Tulsa Ballet provide crucial operating support for our endeavors. Without the commitments made by each of these members, the production you are seeing tonight would not be possible. Listing as of March 10, 2020.

Judy and Ron Altman
Jennifer and Jonathan Anthony
Ann Barnes
Mary Barnes
Billie and Howard Barnett
Monica Williford and Steve Bayles
Ludi and John Beasley
Jennifer and Byron Bighorse
Bailey Austin Bird and Chris Bird
Nixa Blevins
Harold Bockelken
Donna Bost
Tammy and William Braughton
Elise and Terry Brennan
John Brock
Mary Wheeler Brown and Spencer Brown
Carol and William Burnett
Irene Burnstein
Lisa and Dennis Cameron
Cheryl and Larry Chambers
Sunny and Romel Chatterjee
Janet Cheek
Betty Chuculate
Kirk Clausing
Laura and Keith Colgan
Rachel Zebrowski and Ben Costello
Rachel and Chase Curtiss
Mary Lou Daniel
Marilyn Inhofe Davis
Robyn Devore
Kay Dixon
Chrystal and Jake Dollarhide
Connie and Terry Doverspike
Wendy and Gentner Drummond
Diane and Alex Eaton
Charlotte and Wade Edmundson
Jean Ann and Thomas Fausser
Patty Lou Floyd
Cheryl and John Forrest
Stephanie Forrest
Abby Kurin and Chuck Foxen
Kitty and John Frame
Martin Frey
Janie and Earl Funk
Lou Ann and David Gibson
Diane Glass
Beverly Golden
Jane Grimshaw
Jacqui and Roger Haglund
Katrine and Ramez Hakim
Michelle Hardesty
Julia and David Harper
Julia Harris
Michelle and Jeff Hartman
Leanne Helmerich
Peggy Helmerich
Betsy and Bryan Hendershot
Bonnie and Frank Henke
Linda Strong and Steve Higgins
June Patton and David Hogan
Mary Lee Townsend and Burt Holmes
Nicole Hopkins
Laura and Walt Hulse
Jeannine and Rob Irwin
Howard Janzen
Paul Johnson
Sarah and David Karimian
Lou C. Kerr
Andrew Kinslow and Russ Kirkpatrick
Bonnie Klein
Suzanne and Jim Kneale
Pat Bryson and Mike Kojundic
Ma Cong and Thomas Landrum
Jay and Edward Lawson
Geneva and Kirby Lehman
Rita Levit
Susan and Craig Lindberg
Keith Lough
Andrew Malati
Ryan McDaniel
Barbara and Charles McEntee
Laura and Jose Medina
Millie Millspaugh
Cathryn and James Moore
Ruth Nelson and Thomas Murphy
Cindy and Michael Noland
Tracy and David Nonweiler
Lisa Owens
Lindsay Patterson
Jacqueline Kouri and Gary Paxton
Maurine Perry
Frauke Petersen
Betty Pirnat
Rebecca and Scott Pohlenz
Beth Rainey
Shannon and Eric Richards
Faye and Marvin Robinowitz
Hannah and Joe Robson
Maggie and Pete Roth
Michael Sanditen
Janet Selser and Robert Schaefer
Rovilla and Kent Schell
Lynne and Bill Schonacher
Lynn Schusterman
Stephanie and Thomas Seymour
Tonya and Kenneth Skillman
Julie and Ken Smith
Will Smith
Jane Sneed
Georgia and Kenneth Snoke
Eileen Schaumleffle and Dave Sopark
Belynda and Weldon Spitzer
Kim Smith and Robert Stanley
Sandy and John Stava
Sheri and Charles Stinson
Linda and Bruce Stoesser
Crystal and Jim Stovall
Janet and Don Stucky
Barbara and Dave Sylvan
Melanie and Thomas Tate
Diana Taylor
Skip Teel
Susan and William Thomas
Cassie Reese Tipton and Evan Tipton
Donna O’Rourke and Tom Twomey
Kayla and Scott Vaughn
Marian and Max Vowel
Elizabeth and Frederick Warren
Lisa and Michael Webb
Susie and Don Wellendorf
Kathy and Bob West
Bobbie and Wally Whaling
Patricia Wheeler
Blair and Bob Williams
Marydith and Paul Williams
Mollie Williford
Diana Wolff
Lacey and William Woodring
Karen Young
Linda and Scott Young
Susan and Timothy Young
Debbie and Terry Zanovich

Circle of Friends

Members of Tulsa Ballet’s Circle of Friends sustain programs such as the Pointe Shoe Fund, Hope for the Holidays, Leaps Ahead, Scholarships, and more. Members enjoy benefits throughout the year, including studio previews, receptions, and exclusive opportunities to mingle with dancers and choreographers. Listing includes donations at the $250 level and above as of March 10, 2020.

Pamela and Steven Argue
Lesli and Gregory Augsburger
Elizabeth and Bob Austin
Vaden Bales
Ella Ballard
Lucy and John Barker
Sandra and John Barnett
Nancy and Lawrence Born
Tammy and William Braughton
Julia Brown
Janet and Jim Cameron
Joan and Dale Claflin
Barbara and Frederick Cohen
Virginia Cohlmia
Frieda Grischkowsky and Dana Cole
Karen and Carlin Conner
Virginia Coogan
Maureen and John Copp
Gary Copper
Gina and Christopher Covington
Brenda and Mark Craige
Alene Davis
James Davis
Anne Kirchner and Stephen DeCanio
Kristin Dotson
Pam and Lee Eslicker
Donna and Gene Etchison
Linda Feagin
Anne and William Finger
Mary Firestone
Shelley Floyd
David Foster
Dayna Foster
Carol Hanson
Doris Haynes and Harold David Haynes
Catherine and Steve Hickman
Margaret and Curtis Holdridge
Kathleen Gerety and James Howard
Alissa and Gerald Hurley
Ellen and Eugene Ichinose
Paula Jenkins
Debbie and Bruce Kline
Angela and Sean Kouplen
Merry Lahti
Denise and Steven Landgarten
Allison and Mark Lauinger
Amanda and Kenneth Lawrence
Suzanne and David Lee
Julia and David Leifeste
Lynne Luebke
Richard McLaughlin
Loaine and Michael McWilliams
Linda Qualls and James Monroe
Laura Chalmers and Michael Mullane
George Nowotny
Katherine Oliver
Victoria Owen
Nancy and James Owens
Maria Paradiso
Juanita Parker
Diane and Lindsay Perkins
John Posey
Kelly and Christopher Rapp
Wendi Schaffitzel
Beverly Seay
Stella and Edmund Seiders
Linda Horton and Yul Shaffer
Mary and John Shivel
Anna and Andre Siegenthaler
Glenda and Larry Silvey
Misty Smittle
Carolyn and Jim Snively
Ginger and Terry Spencer
Leigh and Patrick Standingbear
Brooke and David Sturdivant
Mary Sutton
Tanninger Philanthropies
Cheri and Harvey Tatum
Julie Teubner
Judith and David Thompson
Sharon and Greg Timo
Marilyn Inhofe-Tucker and Ralph Tucker
Leanna and Tom Van Eman
Garrett Watts
Cindy and Tim Webb
Beth Webb-Ozmun
Martin R. Wing
Emily Wood
Sandra Wood
Sue and Larry Young

Barre Society

Barre Society is Tulsa Ballet’s group of young professionals passionate about the arts. Members enjoy benefits throughout the year, including studio previews, receptions, and exclusive opportunities to mingle with dancers and choreographers. Listing includes donations as of March 10, 2020.

Marshall Anderson
Kelsey Armstrong
Meray Boustani and Sean Blanton
Nixa Blevins
Sarah Block
Andy Cagle
Nicholas Cains
Stephanie Cameron
Alisone Cone
Michael Criss
Elizabeth DeVore
Roxanne Downer
Mariam Fluri
Stephanie Forrest
Max Gitin
Rayna and Patrick Harrington
Daniel and Cate Hildebrand
Lauren Hill
Victoria Hui Holloman and Thomas Holloman
Nicole Hopkins
Katie Hutchison
Kaitlin Karcher
Christina Lattanzio
Marina Lee
Elena and Jay Lubowsky
Sara Massey
Ryan McDaniel
Lacey McDonald
Jaclyn Metcalf
Nicole and Matt Morgan
Katelyn and Brian Parker
Julie Peters
Rachael Reagan
Autumn Rider
Brandi Ross
Joanna Schreck
Sally Scimeca
Angela Simants
Charissa Simmons
Tracy Smith
Eileen Schaumleffle and Dave Sopark
Christy Craig and Dustin Thames
Lara Foley and Andrew Wakeman