Tulsa Ballet Critical Support Fund

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and organizations have been forced to take drastic actions to protect public health and slow the spread of the virus. We have made the difficult decision to postpone the productions previously scheduled for the remainder of this season to a later time.

The losses to society caused by the Coronavirus are massive, and Tulsa Ballet is no exception. Dancers are not dancing, our shows are canceled, and our ballet schools are closed, meaning there is little or no income for the Ballet at this time. Our costume shop is not making costumes, although they are making masks for five hospitals, one police department, and one sheriff’s department.

In addition to the economic downturn impacting many of our previously expected gifts and grants, 40% of Tulsa Ballet’s revenue comes from earned sources such as ticket sales. Although we don’t yet know for certain the extent of the lost revenue, we do know it is a devastating loss from which we may take years to recover.

Please consider making a tax-deductible* donation to Tulsa Ballet’s Critical Support Fund and help us reach our goal. Thanks to the many who have already contributed, as of May 18, 2020, we’ve raised just over $35,000 toward our $100,000 goal!

Additionally, you can support Tulsa Ballet in the following ways:

  • Become a subscriber for Tulsa Ballet’s 2020|21 Season.
  • Find out if your company has a matching gift program to double or triple your donation.
  • Follow Tulsa Ballet on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.
  • Support Tulsa Ballet when you shop on Amazon Smile.

We are confident that, with the support of our Ballet community, we can weather this storm. We are planning a bigger and bolder future once the curtain rises again, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

*Note that the CARES Act creates new tax incentives encouraging individuals to donate to nonprofit organizations like Tulsa Ballet. Check out the CARES Act and consult your tax advisor today.


Thank you to our Critical Support Fund donors as of May 18, 2020.

Mary Adams
Penny Adamson
Denise Allen
Patricia L. Armbruster
Sally Bair
Ann Barnes
Beasley-Lopes Family
Brittan & Mike Beckett
Robert Bielawski
Stephen Bird
Judith Blackwell
Anna Boddy
Suzie Bogle
Bill & Tammy Braughton
Elise & Terry Brennan
Silvia Brioschi
Gretta Buntin
Jane Clark
Kathy Collins
Candace Conley
Harrison and Tiffany Cope
Maureen & John Copp
Patty Costner
Caroline Owens Crain
Elizabeth Bowman Crawford
Roxanne Cullen
Kyle Dennis
Robyn Devore
Sarah Duclos
Zach & Ashley Efaw
Lars Engle
Mieke Epps
Azlan Ezaddin
Justin and Kathy Fischer
Boyd F Fisher
Maryanne Flippo
Patty Lou Floyd
John Forrest
Gini Fox
Helen and Terry Frei
David & Julie Gahn
Jeff, Angie & Genevieve Gallant
Andrea Grabow
Roger & Margaret Gray
Tiffany Marie Greco
Cindy Meyer Hanchey
Michelle & Jeff Hartman
Elizabeth C Hocker
Mary Ellen Holley
Wayne and Tina Hussey
Katie Hutchison
Ellen and Eugene Ichinose
Lori Impson
Marilyn Inhofe
Paula V. Jenkins
Lesley Jennings
Brad & Judy Kaplan
Jill & Tom King
Anne Kirchner
Colleen Kirkpatrick
Holly A. Laird
Leslie Landin
Ma Cong & Thomas Landrum
Sherry and Tony Landrum
Dana and Larry Lebold
Nancy Lehti
Eric Lehti
Kelli & Derek Lewis
Shelley Floyd & Albert Loshkajian
Keith Lough
Nina Luxenberg
Mansfield-Hill Family
David and Sonia Marshall
Jacqueline Martin
Linda Massey
Barbara and Bill McEntee
Charles McGechie II
Dr. Marcialee Ledbetter & Dan McGeehan
Joseph Meeks
Cokeshia Mitchell
Angela Monroe
Martin Montgomery
Laura Chalmers & Mike Mullane
David Myers
Barbara Newsom
Newton Family
Jill Nickerson
Michael Noland
Jamy O’Laughlin
Bonnie Paige
Sophie Parker
Tori Patrock
Nancy Pedraja
Caroline and Hortense Pelletan
Maurine Perry
Heather and B.J. Pohl
Jane Price
Leslie Quinton
Debora Ratzlaff
Patricia Renton
Lynn Richmond
Paul and Adrienne Rogers
Guglielmo Rosasco
Nina and Silvia Rossi
Tim Rossi
Frances Runyan
Saito Family
Linda Horton & Yul Schaffer
Steve and Patti Sellers
Christine Sheridan
Annie Gilcrease Shurtleff
Julie & Ken Smith
Georgia & Kenneth Snoke
Keith & JaNeille Stanger
Joshua Stayton
Terry Stroh
James Swindle
Diana Taylor
Essa W. Taylor
Hannah R Tranberg
Merrin Trombka
Pat & Steve Tweedie
Noel & Lilian Valerio
Ed K. Van Eman
Meredith and Richard Wansley
Elizabeth & Eric Warren
Laura Watkins
Cindy and Tim Webb
Susie & Don Wellendorf
Brad and Jennifer White
Jane Wilcox
Marydith & Paul Williams
Scott & Tammy Williams
Raminta Wilson
Kay Witt
Tim Sawyer & Diana Witty
Kay & David Wulf
Scott & Linda Young
Judith Zivanovic