Creative Movement, Ages 3-5

Creative Movement classes are designed for our youngest students ages 3-5 who are new to Tulsa Ballet CDE and/or have no training or background in classical ballet. These classes combine a ballet structured class in a child-friendly setting. They focus on the development of musical and rhythmic awareness, memory and focus for the training process and understanding of the protocol and etiquette of the ballet studio. Creative Movement I is for students ages 3-4; Creative Movement II is for students ages 4-5 (students who are age 4 must have completed Creative Movement I). Classes begin September 4, 2018.

Creative Movement 2018/19 Class Schedule

Creative Movement 1Tuesday4:00-4:45pmBrookside
Creative Movement 1Thursday4:30-5:15pmBrookside
Creative Movement 1Saturday9:30-10:15amBrookside
Creative Movement 2Tuesday4:45-5:30pmBrookside
Creative Movement 2Thursday3:45-4:30pmBrookside
Creative Movement 2Saturday10:15-11:00amBrookside
Creative Movement 1Monday4:30-5:15pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 1Tuesday9:30-10:15amBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 1Wednesday5:15-6:00pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 1Saturday9:30-10:15amBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 2Monday5:15-6:00pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 2Tuesday10:15-11:00amBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 2Wednesday4:30-5:15pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 2Saturday10:15-11:00amBroken Arrow


To enroll your student online: click on the desired class and fill out the required form and payment.

To enroll your student by mail: follow the directions on the registration form and mail with enrollment fee.

Click HERE for the TBCDE registration form.


Please note that 4 year-old students enrolling in Creative Movement 2 must have already completed Creative Movement 1.


Annual Registration Fee:  $25 per student, per school year

Annual Tuition: $585/year

Monthly Installment: $65/month

Includes Tickets to Tulsa Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Dress Code

Uniforms can be purchased at any Black and Pink Dance Supplies store.

Girls:  Pink tank style leotard with TBCDE logo (no skirt attached), pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet shoes, hair in a bun

Boys:  White fitted t-shirt, black fitted shorts, thin white socks, white leather ballet shoes

Ticket Information

All Creative Movement students enrolled in classes through December 2018 will receive two complimentary tickets to Tulsa Ballet’s 2018-2019 production of The Nutcracker.

Additional Information

Creative Movement students participate in a Class Demonstration at the end of the year in May. There are no costume fees for this class. Creative Movement 1 and 2 classes are 45 minutes long and meet once per week.