Shannon Huntley

Box Office Coordinator


My name is Shannon Huntley, and I have been the Box Office Coordinator at Tulsa Ballet for five and a half years. Chances are, if you have called the box office for any tickets, exchanges, or to renew your subscription, you have probably talked to me. I love what I do, I love talking with all our Tulsa Ballet supporters, and I love working with so many brilliant, talented and creative people here at Tulsa Ballet! I am truly blessed with this opportunity to be able to help people make memories with their family and friends. Whether they are getting their first introduction to ballet and our fabulous company, or if they have been life-long supporters, I enjoy helping to make those memories happen.

My husband and I have been married for 7 years, and we have a child who will be in Kindergarten this year. He also is a dance student at the Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education, and loves coming to see the performances any chance he can get! He particularly loved Ma’s Peter and the Wolf and is usually disappointed when we go to the theatre and there is no wolf in the show! He still will stand and clap and cheer every time he sees something that makes his eyes light up with joy and happiness, and we hope to continue to grow his appreciation of the Arts for years to come.