andrew-lahti-160808_tulsaballet-621ANDREW LAHTI

Music Coordinator & Pianist

Andrew Lahti joined Tulsa Ballet as the Company and CDE pianist in June of 2009, and was promoted to Principal Company Pianist in October of 2011, returning to the company where he was first trained in the art of ballet accompanying by the acclaimed pianist Ramona Pansegrau.

At Tulsa Ballet, he has worked with many distinguished choreographers and instructors, including Marcello Angelini, Edwaard Liang, Ronald Hynd, Wayne McGregor, Ben Stevenson, Daniela Buson, Susan Frei, Jacques Beltrame, and Liudmila Polonskaya. Andrew spent the previous four years in New York City, pursuing his master’s degree and refining his skills.

While there, he worked with Edward Ellison at Ellison Ballet, Sara Knight at Greenwich Ballet Academy, Francois Perron and Deborah Wingert at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, and numerous others. Andrew also played master classes for Anna-Marie Holmes, Maina Gielgud, and Allegra Kent.