Artistic Staff

Roman Jasinski – Founding Artistic Director
Moscelyne Larkin – Founding Artistic Director
Marcello Angelini – Artistic Director
Daniela Buson – Assistant Artistic Director
Susan Frei – Ballet Mistress & Artistic Coordinator
Alfonso Martin – TBII Artistic Manager & Ballet Master
Elizabeth West – Artistic Operations Manager
Peter Stafford Wilson – Conductor
Andrew Lahti – Principal Company Pianist

Production & Wardrobe Staff

Todd Coogen – Production Director
Elizabeth Wray – Production Stage Manager
Anaya Cullen – Costume Shop Manager
Tori Applegate – Wardrobe Supervisor/Assistant Shop Manager

Administrative Staff

Scott Black – Managing Director
Stacey Jenkins – General Manager
Annette Janis – Director of Finance
Cheri Barrington – Accountant
Stephanie Carter – Accountant
Amy Miller – Director of Development
Katie Grassmyer – Special Events Manager
Mary Beth Wells – Development Manager
Meagan Mulgrew – Donor Relations Coordinator
Meg Cameron – Development Assistant
Bethany Kirby – Marketing Manager
Lacy Applegate – Marketing Manager
Jessica Hanun – Graphic Designer
Shannon Huntley – Box Office Coordinator
Patrick Ingram – Receptionist/Office Assistant

Center for Dance Education

Arlene Minkhorst – Director of Education
Colleen Lahti
– Education & Outreach Manager
Carla Lopez – Dance Faculty
Julie Marquet – Dance Faculty
Beatrice Sebelin – Dance Faculty
Amy Parker – Dance Faculty
Alexandra Johnson – Dance Faculty
Linda Davis – Education & Outreach Manager
Tiffany Boes – CDE Administrative Assistant
Rhonda Huber – CDE Administrative Assistant