Styles Dykes
TBII Member

Styles Dykes was born in Buffalo, NY and raised in Niagara Falls, NY. He then trained with Odasz Dance Theater in Rochester, NY starting in 2018. He quickly achieved notoriety amongst the YAGP community placing 1st in classical and contemporary, winning The Grand Prix Award at Youth America Grand Prix in 2021 as well as placing Top 12 at YAGP finals in 2021. Styles has also performed in an international gala at the Nervi International Ballet Festival in Genoa Italy. As well as appearing on NBC’s World of Dance Season 4. Styles began training at Tulsa Ballet Trainee Program in 2021. He performed in Breaking Bricks, Vendetta, A Mafia Story and The Nutcracker. Styles joins Tulsa Ballet as a member of TBII this season.