Haley Mae Wilson

Corps de Ballet

Haley Mae Wilson trained at International Ballet School in Colorado, with Mark and Sandra Kerr. In 2016 she was awarded 3rd place in Paris at Youth America Grand Prix, and 2nd place in Como, Italy at the Pierina Legnani Competition. In 2017 she placed 1st in both the Denver Ballet Guild Competition and YAGP. At the New York YAGP Finals she received a scholarship to the Trainee program at Ballet West, where she trained for two years. In 2019 she joined Tulsa Ballet II. In 2022 she was promoted to Apprentice and promoted to Corps de Ballet in 2023. Since joining she has performed works by Ma Cong, Jimmy Orrante, Edwaard Liang, Stephanie Martinez, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, and Itzik Galili, Nicolo Fonte, Andrew McNicol, Kenneth Tindall, Alexander Ekman, and Jennifer Weber.