2016|2017 Annual Impact Report Donor Listing

The following individuals gave generous gifts to Tulsa Ballet during the 2016-2017 Season. Gifts include general operating support, programmatic support, and Defining the Future Integrated Campaign support. In-kind gifts are denoted with an asterisk (*). 


$100,000 & Above

The Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation

Barnett Family Foundation, Inc

Monica Williford and Steve Bayles

Margery Mayo Bird Foundation

Blue Sky Bank/Wendy and Gentner Drummond

Sanford P. and Irene Burnstein Foundation

The Helmerich Trust

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Bonnie Klein

Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation

The Estate of Bobbye Potter

Rita Willis Trust

Hannah and Joe Robson

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

SemGroup Corporation

Kathy and Bob West

Mollie Williford

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation


$50,000 to $99,999

Billie and Howard Barnett

The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation, Inc.

The Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Katrine and Ramez Hakim

IBC Bank

Oklahoma Arts Council

Leigh and John Reaves

Sheri and Charles Stinson

Roy “Skip” Teel, Jr.

Jill and Bob Thomas

Susan and Bill Thomas

C.W. Titus Foundation

Kayla and Scott Vaughn

Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation


$25,000 to $49,999

Jo and Jack Babbitt

Mary Wheeler and Spencer Brown

Drummond Law Firm

GlobalHealth Holdings, LLC

Ann Graves

Hardesty Family Foundation, Inc.

James E. and Mary M. Barnes Foundation

Suzanne and Jim Kneale

Laurie and Michael Krimbill

Susan Parrott

Jacqueline Kouri and Gary Paxton

Betty and Stephen Pirnat

Shubert Foundation

Georgia and Kenneth Snoke

Talmadge Powell Creative*

Susie and Don Wellendorf

Karen Young

John Steele Zink Foundation


$10,000 to $24,999

Arts Alliance Tulsa

Elise and Terry Brennan

Patricia Chernicky

Barbara and Kevin Coffman

Mollie and Joseph Craft

E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation

Flint Family Foundation

Founders of Doctors’ Hospital Inc.

Martin Frey

Janie and Earl Funk

Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation

Pearl M. and Julia J. Harmon Foundation

Leanne Helmerich

Betsy and Bryan Hendershot

Hickory House Properties

David O. Hogan

Inasmuch Foundation

Industrial Oils Unlimited, LLC

Soohyun and Marvin Jin

Paul Johnson

Carol Bailey Kamp

Virginia Davis Charitable Trust

David R. Lawson

Janis and G. Scott Lewis

Luxa Enterprises, LLC

Mabrey Bank

Barbara and Charles McEntee

Mid-America Arts Alliance

Cathryn and James Moore

National Endowment for the Arts

Courtney and Tom O’Brian

Frauke and Oscar Quiroga

Patsy Savage

Janet Selser and Robert Schaefer

Kay and Edwin Schermerhorn

SJS Hospitality, LLC*

Sky Fitness and Wellbeing*

The Robson Companies, Inc.

Tulsa Foundation


Lynn and Russell Westbrook

Bobbie and Wally Whaling

The Williams Companies, Inc.

Marydith and Paul Williams

Diana and Milton Wolff

Jason Wright

The Zarrow Families Foundation

Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation


$5,000 to $9,999

Judy and Ron Altman

Laurisa Anderson

Jennifer and Jonathan Anthony

Atkinson Family Foundation, Inc.

Mary and Jim Barnes

Ludi and John Beasley

Boardwalk Distribution

Linda and Ray Booker

John and Donnie Brock Foundation

Lisa and Dennis Cameron

Carter Numismatics, Inc.

India and Jason Carter

Cheryl and Larry Chambers

Erin and Donald Chappel

Commonwealth Foundation

Karen and Carlin Conner

Rachel Zebrowski and Ben Costello

D&L Oil Tools

Mary Lou and Sam Daniel

Amanda and Robert Duenner

Harriet and Scott Dunitz

Charlotte and Wade Edmundson

Cheryl and John Forrest

The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation

The Gelvin Foundation, Inc.

Grand Capital Corporation

Jeannie and David Guthery

Jacqui and Roger Haglund

Julia and David Harper

Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Hispanic American Foundation

Mary Townsend and Burt Holmes

Cherine and Howard Janzen

Ty Kaszubowski and Michael Keys

Andrew A. Kinslow and Russ Kirkpatrick

Kivisto Family Foundation Fund

KKT Architects, Inc.

Marilyn and Larry Lee

Geneva and Kirby Lehman

Anne and Phil Marshall

The Mary K. Chapman Foundation

Ryan McDaniel

The Vincent Mulford Foundation

Ruth Nelson and Thomas Murphy

Cindy and Michael Noland


Lisa Owens


Maggie and Pete Roth

William Smith

Belynda and Weldon Spitzer

Crystal and Jim Stovall

Janet and Don Stucky

Barbara and Dave Sylvan

Sylvia and Edward Taylor

William Teale

Valley National Bank

Walton Family Foundation, Inc.

Lynne Imhoffe-Weksler and Luiz Weksler

Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation

WPX Energy

Linda and Scott Young


$2,500 to $4,999

Teresa Knox and Ivan Acosta

AmeriTrust Corporation

Bank of Oklahoma Foundation

Adrienne Barnett and Scott Mccaulley

Paula and Donald Beck

Kathleen McKeown and Gary Betow

Brad and Betty Bradstreet Fund

Pat Bryson and Mike Kojundic

Carol and William Burnett

Kirk Clausing

Laura and Keith Colgan

Samantha and Jeff Combe

Millie Otey and Sam Daniel III

Barbara and Arlo Dekraai

Chrystal and Jake Dollarhide

Lou Ann and David Gibson

Kathleen Page and Michael Graves

Great Southern Bank

Jane Grimshaw

Michelle and Jeff Hartman

Peggy Helmerich

Bonnie and Frank Henke

Hogan Taylor

Marilyn Inhofe Davis

Jewish Federation of Tulsa

The Kerr Foundation, Inc.

Lydia and Ted Kronfeld

Thomas Landrum

Jay and Edward Lawson

Irene and Frank Letcher

Lewis Foundation

LJS Revocable Trust

Charlotte and R. Lough

Matrix Service Company

Marian and Jim McCarthy

Nicole and Matt Morgan

OneGas Inc.

Virginia Mayo Ownby Charitable Trust

Maurine Perry

Rebecca and Scott Pohlenz

Beth and Jim Rainey

Resolute PR

Toni and Tim Ross

John Sawyer and Jack Wallace

Kent Schell

Lynne and Bill Schonacher

Stephanie and R. Thomas Seymour

Marshall Shields

Julie and Ken Smith

Jane Sneed

Kim Smith and Robert Stanley

Sandy and John Stava

Linda and Bruce Stoesser

Lee and Carol Swarthout

Melani and Thomas Tate

Donna O’Rourke and Tom Twomey

Lisa and Michael Webb

Susan and Timothy Young

Debbie and Terry Zanovich


$1,000 to $2,499

Anne and Brent Adams

Adwon Properties Inc.

APS FireCo Corporate LLC

AVB Bank

Raj Basu and Rebekah Tennis

Lauren and Casey Bingham

Donna Bost

Michele and Tilt Brown

Celebrity Attractions

The Chinowth & Cohen Foundation

Theresa Collins

Commerce Bank

Cheryl Doyle

Whitney and Dan Eslicker

Robyn and Larry Ewing


Jean Ann and Thomas Fausser

Flintco LLC

Patty Floyd

Dominic Foppoli

Joy and Bob Frame

Sarah Jane and Matt Gillett

Diane and Joseph Glass

Kirsten and Mark Graham

Renee Griffin

Tuesday and Clay Guthery

Brooke Hamilton

Helen Jo and James Hardwick

Rayna Harrington

Shiela and Ted Haynes

Nancy and Bill Hermann

Deborah and Rudolf Herrmann

Oliver Holcomb

Margaret and Curtis Holdridge

Gail and Jeff Huber

The Joseph L. Hull, Jr. Family Foundation, Inc.

Laura and Walt Hulse

Katie Hutchison

Paula V. Jenkins

Libby and Michael Johnson

Kinder Morgan

Judi and Ken Klein

Lois Lee

Julia and David Leifeste

Rita Levit

Mariner Foundation

Adams Hall Investment Management

Susan and Robert Mase

Nancy and Tom Mason

Sandra McClure

Kathy and Michael Mears

Nancy and Peter Meinig

Chris Flory

Donna and Robert Merrifield

John Nelson

Julie and John Nickel

Jenifer Norman

Julie Norman

Sandra and Robert Norman

Gary Novak

Helen and Don Oden

Onefire Holding Company

Ann Ong

Mia and Herbert Oven

Laura Parrott

Erin and John Peters

Raymond and Nancy Feldman Family Fund

Raymond James Trust N.A.

Regent Bank

Sol Robinowitz Foundation

Isabel Sanditen

William Shambaugh

Cassie Reese

Terri and Charley Wall

Peter Walter

Suzanne and William Warren

Patricia Wheeler

Cassandra L. Wilkinson

Josephine Winter

Yorktown Bank


$500 to $999

Steve Aberson and Brent Ortolani

American Bank & Trust Co.

Ella and Shannon Ballard

Bank of Oklahoma

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Nancy and Lawrence Born

Marcia and Dan Brueggenjohann

Judy and Fred Brunk

Anne and Robert Burlingame

Kenneth Busby

Stephanie Cameron

Anne Marie Carroll Sample

Lance Cheney

CNA Foundation

Rebecca and Matthew Davis

Patti and Wes Dunbar

Anne and William Finger

Randi Gill

Mariam and Nicholas Hanna

Carol Hanson

Rosemary Harris

Dede Flatley Hewitt and John Hewitt

Ellen and Eugene Ichinose

Rebecca Stavros

Elizabeth and Evan Kelamis

Jeanette and Terry Kern

Merry and Victor Lahti

Denise and Steven Landgarten

Martha and Richard Laughlin

Amanda and Kenneth Lawrence

Brett Lessley

Katie Mabrey

Shana and Travers Mahan

Andrew Malati

April and Robert McAnnally

Grace McMahon

Shannon McMurray

Lewis Medina

Linda Qualls and James Monroe

George Nowotny

Frieda Odell

Greg and Jamie Oliphant

Jeffrey Ordoñez-Triana

Heather and BJ Pohl

Rick Raymer

Francine Ringold

Helen Savage Family Fund

Stella and Edmund Seiders

Mary and John Shivel

Amy and Raegen Siegfried

Jackie and John Stagg

Delores Sumner

James Swindle

Nancy and C. Phillip Tholen

Matt Thompson

The Robert S. and Helen Grey Trippet Foundation, Inc.

Tom and Leanna Van Eman

Nancy and Cliff Vann

Suzanne and Michael Wallis

Elizabeth and Frederick Warren

Beth Webb-Ozmun

Ava Weber

Carrie and Carley Williams

Blair and Bob Williams

Barbara and Peter Wilson

Sandra Wood

Eileen Young


$250 to $499

Janet Anduss

Mary Athens

Tom and Joanie Atkinson

Jo Rowan and John Bedford

Rick Benett

Steven and Nan Bertone

Stephen Bird

Bob Mccormack Photography*

Sarah and Craig Buchan

Kathryn Burke

Janet and Jim Cameron

Citizen Energy II, LLC

Donna and Jerry Clack

Lisa and Glen Cole

Regina Dunlap and Stephen Collinson

Mary Anne Ahluwalia-Conley and Ryan Conley

Theresa and Raymond Cope

Brenda and Mark Craige

Shannon Doherty

Patricia and Leonard Eaton

Leslie and John Enlow

Diane and George Erbacher

Pam and Lee Eslicker

Sharon Smith and Dallas Ferguson

Shelley Floyd

Amanda Forman

Catherine and Andrew Fox

Lyn Franks

JoAnn and Mike Frizell

Jeffrey Galvin

Toni Garner

Linda and Harry Goldsmith

Vincent Gonzales

Ann and Jim Halligan

Michelle Hardesty

Mary and Willis Harrison

Sharon Hart

Tricia Milford-Hoyt and Ray Hoyt

Kari and Kevin Hulett

Jillian and Will Ihloff

Jeannine and Rob Irwin

Kelly and Trey Karlovich

Michele McManus and Cyril Kazmierczak

Susan Keary

Marjorie and David Kroll

Allison and Mark Lauinger

Katie Lefler

Jenny Lessley

Mary and Scott Lewis

Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation

Marian and Mike Marrs

Sally McCravey

Laura and Tyler Chalmers

Susan and Rick Neal

Trude and Mike Norman

Mary Beth and Dan Pasque

Anne Pollard James


Chad Renfro

Will and Jean Sanditen

Mary Lhevine and George Schnetzer

Charles Scott

Anna and Andre Siegenthaler

Maureen and Jim Singleton

Carolyn Snively

Ginger and Terry Spencer

David Stewart

Diana and Doug Taylor

Judith and David Thompson

Marilyn Inhofe-Tucker and Ralph Tucker

Cynthia Edelmann and Maaike Visser

Rhonda Wagnon

Michael Williams

Edith and Glenn Wilson

Alison Anthony and Mark Wilson

John Wiscaver