Tulsa Ballet is accepting applications for the position of Company and School Pianist.

Duties include: playing daily technique classes for the Tulsa Ballet Company and Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education; playing rehearsals for repertory performed live by company; supervising pianists for the Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education; solo pianist for company and school performances; sound board operator for school performances.

Qualifications include: Bachelor’s degree in music; previous experience as a ballet class pianist; ability to learn piano reductions of ballet scores; ability to work with other staff amicably under tight deadlines; experience in sound engineering is preferred.

Job description:

  1. Play company class for Tulsa Ballet and school classes for Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education (CDE).
  2. Play daily rehearsals for repertory performed live by company.
    a. Create, mark and edit piano reductions when necessary.
    b. Work with guest conductors, relaying necessary tempo and choreographic information.
    c. Be prepared to be conducted for rehearsals and dress rehearsals by guest conductor.
  3. Solo performing pianist for Tulsa Ballet and CDE when required.
  4. Supervise, with Principal Pianist, part time music staff of CDE.
    a. Audition and train pianists for the CDE accompanist pool.
    b. Schedule pianists and supervise day to day pianist functions.
  5. Work amicably under pressure with other members of the production and artistic staff within tight deadlines.Must be extremely well organized.
  6. Assist Principal Pianist in other duties as needed, including but not limited to:
    a. Creating budgets and securing musical rights and royalty information for musical needs of Company, including negotiation of fees and royalties.
    b. Marking, editing and arranging orchestra scores and parts.
    c. Taking care of music rental library – checking music back in and correcting parts as well as ordering music from outside sources and returning it within a timely manner.
    d. Taking care of maintenance of pianos, including calling for tunings and repairs when necessary.
  7. If required, and in concert with Principal Pianist, act as sound engineer in performances– including EQ of theatre sound, mike placement within the orchestra pit, and running CDs for cues with production/stage manager.
  8. Artist is a musical resource for Tulsa Ballet and CDE and is therefore called upon for expertise in the musical field not mentioned above, including but not limited to CDE educational programs, marketing department musical needs, and other duties not described.

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume in MS Word or PDF format to  No phone calls please.