Nutcracker Auditions

Tulsa Ballet is excited to announce auditions for children’s roles in Tulsa Ballet’s 2021 BRAND-NEW The Nutcracker!

Scroll down to pre-register your child for the upcoming auditions on Sunday, July 18.

Additional Information
    1. Pre-register for auditions by clicking the gold title of the appropriate day/time for your child.
    2. Safety protocols will be in effect; please read the current protocols here: TBCDE Safety Protocols.
    3. All audition classes will be held at the Brookside campus (1212 E. 45th Place, Tulsa, OK 74105)
    4. Children should be age 6 or older on audition day.
    5. Height requirement is due to size of costumes.
    6. Tulsa Ballet’s The Nutcracker, is a professional production. As such, children cast in this production will be expected to follow the rules and etiquette as required for a professional production. Arlene Minkhorst, Director of Education, will review these expectations with parents in more detail at our scheduled Parent Orientations, however, please know that children will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances as called, and to be focused and attentive in and out of the studio. Your children will be working with professional artists who have extensive experience in their respective roles and who will guide, teach and rehearse your children to ensure they have a positive experience performing with Tulsa Ballet. Children who miss rehearsals due to illness must communicate their absence before the rehearsal and children who miss too many or key rehearsals, for any reason, may lose their opportunity to perform.  We recognize that the opportunity to perform in The Nutcracker requires an enormous commitment from families, and encourage everyone to ensure that they are able to commit to this project. We respect that this may not be the year that every family will want to make this project their first priority and adjust their children’s school, extra-curricular activities and family engagements to facilitate. If not, we hope to see your children audition in the future.


Sunday, July 18

Auditions held on July 18 will be held at the Broken Arrow-Hardesty Campus, located at 1901 W. New Orleans St, Broken Arrow, OK.

6-9 yr oldsSunday, July 182:00-2:45pm2:00-2:30pm
10-13 yr oldsSunday, July 183:00-3:45pm3:00-3:30pm
14-17 yr oldsSunday, July 184:00-4:45pm4:00-4:30pm