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Audition FAQS

1. Are male students welcome?
Absolutely.  Although typically a higher percentage of students at Pointe to the Future are female, male dancers attend regularly and are encouraged to audition. Our world-class faculty and the exceptional quality of Tulsa Ballet’s company dancers make Pointe to the Future an ideal place for young men to further refine their technique.

2. What do auditions consist of?

Regular auditions are conducted in groups by age-level and will consist of a classical ballet class including both barre and center work.

3. What will the instructor look for?

The instructors base their decision upon the following criteria: technical ability; musicality; quickness of mind; ability to pick up and retain combinations and corrections; and awareness of line and quality of movement.

4. What do I put on my audition video?
Video auditions should be emailed as video links to education@tulsaballet.org after registering for the audition by video option online. Audition videos should be no longer than 10 minutes and include barre, center, petite and grande allegro, and pirouettes. Please include multiple combinations. Pointe shoes should be worn only if the dancer has already been placed on pointe by her regular dance instructor. Video auditions will be accepted if emailed/postmarked by March 15, 2018. You may choose to ask your regular dance instructor for help in creating the video.

5. After my audition, when will I get a response?
Response letters will be mailed/emailed approximately two weeks after the audition. Responses to auditions submitted by DVD will be made approximately two weeks after they are received. For prompt notification, please include an email address with your audition form or DVD.


Placement FAQs

1. How is placement determined?
Students are assigned to a class level for Pointe to the Future based primarily upon their training background and proficiency in classical ballet. Placement is not affected by a student’s abilities in jazz or character since students do not audition in those forms. Students who audition for Pointe to the Future are assigned to a class level based upon their audition. Placement in a particular level is at the sole discretion of Tulsa Ballet’s Artistic Staff.

2. Is it possible for placement to be changed?
Changes to class level assignments are made solely at the discretion of the Artistic Staff. The Artistic Staff may choose to move a student up or down in placement in order to offer each student the training program best suited to their abilities. All class level placements are made to take into consideration the best interests of each student. In the event that the Artistic Staff feels that a student would benefit from an adjustment in class placement, this will be done. Questions regarding placement should be addressed to the Head Instructor.

3. Last year I was placed in Group X. This year, I was placed in Group X again even though I have improved a lot since last summer. Why is that?
Placements are made based upon the overall level of ability – similar to a “Bell Curve” – of the students who participate in auditions, and placements are made to create “peer groups” which aid the learning process. If you are placed in the same level you were in last year, it is most likely that this reflects the rising standard of all applicants to Pointe to the Future.


Registration and Payment FAQs

1. Which weeks may I attend?

Students who are accepted into the Junior Intensive (levels 1 & 2) are required to attend both weeks of classes.

Students who are accepted into the Senior Intensive (levels 3-6) may attend two or four weeks of classes. Students who wish to attend 2 weeks may choose Weeks One & Two or Weeks Three & Four. Students who wish to participate in the Final Demonstration must attend at least the last two weeks of the intensive.

2. Is the registration fee applied to tuition/housing?

Yes, we credit the $50.00 non-refundable registration fee toward your total balance.

3. When are payments due?

Payments are due as scheduled by Tulsa Ballet. If payment is not received by the due date, a Late Fee of $25.00 will be applied. Due dates are as follows:
May 1st, 2018 50% of tuition + room and board due
June 1st, 2018 final balance of tuition + room and board due
Payments may be made via check, money order or credit card (Tulsa Ballet accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). All returned checks are subject to a $25.00 Returned Check Fee.

4. What if I register after payments are due?

Tulsa Ballet will continue accepting registrations for Pointe to the Future until June 15, 2018, or until the student roster is no longer available. If you register after a payment due date has passed, you must pay the amount due by that date with your registration form.

  • Registrations received after May 15th, 2018- must pay 50% of tuition/housing total to register
  • Registrations received on June 15th, 2018- must pay 100% of tuition/housing total to register

5. What if I need a refund for tuition/housing?
Refunds for unused tuition and housing fees will be available only on a case-by-case basis. To receive a refund, a Refund Request Form must be completed and returned to the Education Manager within 10 working days of your child’s departure from the summer intensive or your cancellation. You may obtain this form by contacting the Education Manager at education@tulsaballet.org.

6. Is financial aid available?
The Artistic Staff occasionally chooses to waive or reduce tuition fees for certain students based upon financial need. Some merit scholarships may be awarded based upon auditions; merit scholarship recipients will be notified of their status in the audition acceptance letter. Granting a tuition waiver is solely the prerogative of the Artistic Staff. Waivers do not cover housing fees. To apply for financial aid (excluding merit scholarships), please contact the Education Manager. For those who wish to serve as Pointe to the Future chaperones, please contact the Education Manager for an application. Each chaperone will receive one tuition waiver for a student of their choice.


Classes FAQs

1. Where are classes held?
Junior Intensive classes will be held at the Broken Arrow Campus- Hardesty Center at 1901 W New Orleans St, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Senior Intensive classes will be held at the Brookside Campus- SemGroup Center at 1212 E. 45th Pl, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2. What is the average class schedule like?
Class schedule is dependent upon a student’s placement level. Schedules will be distributed by Tulsa Ballet on the first class day of each week during Pointe to the Future and will be subject to change. Purely as an example, a typical day for a “Group 3” student might be as follows:
10:15 am – 11:45 am – Ballet
11:45 am – 12:30 pm – Pointe (only for qualified students)
12:30 pm – 1:15 pm – LUNCH BREAK
1:15 pm – 2:15 pm – Jazz
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm – Character
3:45 pm – 4:45pm – Music

3. How big are the classes?
Class size may vary based upon the week, the number of students accepted into Pointe to the Future and student placement.

4. Are parents/family members allowed to observe class?
Observation of regular classes by parents or family members is a distraction to the students and is not permitted. On the last day of each program, parents are invited to watch their students as part of their Final Demonstration.

6. What is the dress code?
Proper dance attire, including shoes, ensures a dancer’s safety and comfort during class. Students must adhere to the dress code as stated in the student handbook. Boys must wear a fitted t-shirt (tucked in) and tights. Girls should wear black leotards and pink tights. Optional dance attire (leg warmers, warm-ups, etc.) may be worn at the discretion of the instructor. Ballet skirts may not be worn during ballet technique so instructors are able to see the line of the body. Hair should be secured back from the face, with long hair in a bun. Students participating in the final demonstration must have a solid black leotard and pink tights (girls) or solid white t-shirt (tucked in) and black tights (boys).

7. What is character dance? What are character shoes?
Character is a classical form of folk-dance that often appears in ballets such as Don Quixote (The Seguedilla), The Nutcracker (party scene, etc.), and other popular ballets. Character dance generally requires an extensive amount of challenging footwork. Cumulatively, this footwork can be hard on the feet if proper character shoes are not worn. Character shoes are required of all Pointe to the Future students and can usually be purchased from any quality dance retailer. Typically, character shoes are black with a low, 1½ inch heel. (An example of character shoes can be found in your Pointe to the Future Handbook.)

8. What method of ballet is taught at Pointe to the Future?
Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education is fortunate enough to have world-class faculty and guest instructors who bring to Pointe to the Future a wide variety of training and professional experience. TBCDE training emphasizes classical ballet technique in the Russian tradition of training.

9. Why do I need to take jazz/character?
The versatility and skill of dancers in Tulsa Ballet’s professional company and others world-wide can be attributed to each dancer’s unique experience in a variety of dance forms. In order to get a job with Tulsa Ballet, our professional company members must be versatile enough to perform not only classical works like Swan Lake but cutting edge pieces from Nacho Duato, Val Caniparoli and others. A wide experience in all forms of dance, including character and jazz, enable our dancers to do this. It is Tulsa Ballet’s mission to give Pointe to the Future students an opportunity to experience the diversity of the art through training in multiple dance forms, including jazz and character. There will be no tuition discount or rebate for missed classes. Students who do not participate in jazz or character classes may not be permitted to participate in the final demonstration.

10. What are “Enrichment Classes”?
Enrichment Classes will be offered to all students during Pointe to the Future and will cover topics that serve to increase the students’ knowledge and enjoyment of dance. Previous topics have included: Nutrition for the Dancer, Modern Dance, Pilates, Dance History, Yoga, Stage Makeup, Costuming, Music, and others.

11. Why are regular classes not offered on weekends?
Pointe to the Future does not offer a full day of regular classes on weekends to give students an opportunity to rest their bodies. Maintaining health and getting adequate rest are important factors to enjoying Pointe to the Future and maximizing the opportunity to study dance. It is important that students have sufficient time to relax. Also, not conducting full classes on the weekends allows students time to rehearse for the final demonstration.


Final Demonstration

1. Is there a final demonstration?

Junior Intensive ~ Friday, July 6, 2018
Time: To be announced at a later date
Place: Broken Arrow Campus – Hardesty Center, 1901 W New Orleans St, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Senior Intensive ~ Saturday, July 21, 2018
Time: To be announced at a later date
Place: Brookside Campus – SemGroup Center, 1212 E. 45th Pl, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Students must adhere to specific dress requirements for the Final Demonstration; see the above dress code for details.

2. What is it like?
The Final Demonstration will be a cumulative, informal exhibition of what students have learned over the previous weeks. Due to our studio limitations, seating at the Final Demonstration will be limited. Additional information will be distributed during the summer intensive.

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