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2018/19 Class Schedule

 Tulsa Ballet’s Center for Dance Education now offers classes at two locations: our Brookside Campus – SemGroup Center and our Broken Arrow Campus – Hardesty Center. Enrollment for 2018/19 classes at both campuses began April 2, 2018. Open Division classes began September 4, 2018. Click on the class name for more information and to enroll online. These schedules are subject to change. Please call 918.712.5327 or 918.872.6414 if you have questions.

New Classes Starting in January 2019!

Creative Movement, 3 yearsTuesday10:15-11:00amBroken Arrow
Creative Movement & Jazz, 4-5 yearsSaturday12:00-1:00pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement, 3 yearsThursday5:30-6:15pmBrookside
Beginning Ballet, 7-9 yearsSaturday10:00-11:00amBrookside
Dance for Boys, 7-10 yearsSaturday1:00-2:00pmBrookside

Click for printable versions of the class schedules:

Brookside Campus – SemGroup Center

Creative Movement Ages 3-5
Creative Movement 1Tuesday4:00-4:45pmBrookside
Creative Movement 1Thursday4:30-5:15pmBrookside
Creative Movement 1Saturday9:30-10:15amBrookside
Creative Movement 2Tuesday4:45-5:30pmBrookside
Creative Movement 2Thursday3:45-4:30pmBrookside
Creative Movement 2Saturday10:15-11:00amBrookside
Preparatory Ballet & Ballet Fundamentals Ages 6-9
Prep Ballet 1Monday6:00-7:00pmBrookside
Prep Ballet 1 Wednesday5:15-6:15pmBrookside
Prep Ballet 1Saturday11:00am-12:00pmBrookside
Prep Ballet 2Monday5:00-6:00pmBrookside
Prep Ballet 2Wednesday6:15-7:15pmBrookside
Prep Ballet 2Saturday12:00-1:00pmBrookside
Ballet FundamentalsTuesday/Thursday6:15-7:15pmBrookside
 Teen & Adult Classes Ages 15 & up
Adult BalletMonday7:00-8:30pmBrookside
Adult BalletWednesday7:00-8:30pmBrookside
Adult Ballet (beginner)Saturday11:00am-12:30pmBrookside
Teen Ballet (ages 14 & up)Tuesdays7:15-8:15pmBrookside

Broken Arrow Campus – Hardesty Center

Creative Movement Ages 3-5
Creative Movement 1Monday4:30-5:15pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 1Tuesday9:30-10:15amBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 1Wednesday5:15-6:00pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 1Saturday9:30-10:15amBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 2Monday5:15-6:00pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 2Tuesday10:15-11:00amBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 2Wednesday4:30-5:15pmBroken Arrow
Creative Movement 2Saturday10:15-11:00amBroken Arrow
Preparatory Ballet & Ballet Fundamentals Ages 6-9
Prep Ballet 1Tuesday4:45-5:45pmBroken Arrow
Prep Ballet 1Thursday5:45-6:45pmBroken Arrow
Prep Ballet 1Saturday11:00am-12:00pmBroken Arrow
Prep Ballet 2Tuesday5:45-6:45pmBroken Arrow
Prep Ballet 2Thursday 4:45-5:45pmBroken Arrow
Ballet FundamentalsMonday/Wednesday5:00-6:00pmBroken Arrow
Jazz and Pre/Teen Ballet Classes Ages 7-18
Jazz 1- Ages 7-9Monday6:00-7:00pmBroken Arrow
Jazz II – Ages 10-12Thursday7:30-8:30pmBroken Arrow
Jazz III – Ages 13 & upMonday7:00-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Pre-Teen Ballet – Ages 9-13Tuesday6:45-7:45pmBroken Arrow
Hip Hop I – Ages 7-9Monday6:00-7:00pmBroken Arrow
Hip Hop II – Ages 10-12 Monday7:00-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Contemporary – Ages 13 & up  Thursday7:00-8:00pm Broken Arrow
 Pilates – Teen/Adult Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm Broken Arrow
Adult Classes Ages 15 & up
Adult BalletTuesday6:45-8:15pmBroken Arrow
Adult Ballet (beginner)Wednesday6:00-7:30pmBroken Arrow
Adult BalletThursday6:45-8:15pmBroken Arrow
Adult BalletSaturday9:30-11:00amBroken Arrow
Adult PilatesSaturday11:30am-12:30pmBroken Arrow

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