Tulsa Ballet is excited to announce auditions for children’s roles in Tulsa Ballet’s 2023 The Nutcracker!


Auditions will be held at Tulsa Ballet’s Brookside campus, located at:
1212 E 45th Place
Tulsa, OK 74105

Saturday, Sept. 9, 2:00-4:00pm

  • Children’s Audition for students who are 3’10’” through 5’10” (ages 6-18)
  • 2+ years of dance experience required
  • Parent Orientation will be held from 2:00-2:30pm
  • Some children from this audition will be asked to stay for a second audition round from 4:30-6:00pm

Pre-registration is encouraged.  If you have not pre-registered, please arrive at 1:00pm to allow time to register before the audition begins.


Additional Information

    • Pre-register for auditions by clicking the gold button above.
    • Tulsa Ballet is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our dancers and students and to safeguard our ability to perform.  As of September 5, 2023, per agreements with AGMA (dancer union) and IATSE (stage crew union), students performing in Tulsa Ballet’s The Nutcracker 2023 will have the following safety protocols:
      – A Covid-19 vaccination is not required for any student to participate in The Nutcracker 2023.  All students cast in this show will be required to test prior to all rehearsals with Tulsa Ballet company dancers and all performances.
      – All students may be required to mask for some rehearsals, or when exposed to a positive case of Covid-19.
      – Any student who tests positive for Covid-19 will be required to follow the current CDC guidelines and recommendations for isolation and masking.
      – These protocols may be adapted if agreements with AGMA and IATSE are updated and/or the CDC changes recommendations.
    • All audition classes will be held at the Brookside campus (1212 E. 45th Place, Tulsa, OK 74105)
    • Children should be age 6 or older on audition day.
    • Height requirements are due to size of costumes.
    • Tulsa Ballet’s The Nutcracker, is a professional production. As such, children cast in this production will be expected to follow the rules and etiquette as required for a professional production. Arlene Minkhorst, Director of Education, will review these expectations with parents in more detail at our scheduled Parent Orientations, however, please know that children will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances as called, and to be focused and attentive in and out of the studio. Your children will be working with professional artists who have extensive experience in their respective roles and who will guide, teach and rehearse your children to ensure they have a positive experience performing with Tulsa Ballet. Children who miss rehearsals due to illness must communicate their absence before the rehearsal and children who miss too many or key rehearsals, for any reason, may lose their opportunity to perform.  We recognize that the opportunity to perform in The Nutcracker requires an enormous commitment from families, and encourage everyone to ensure that they are able to commit to this project. We respect that this may not be the year that every family will want to make this project their first priority and adjust their children’s school, extra-curricular activities and family engagements to facilitate. If not, we hope to see your children audition in the future.