Hardesty Construction Updates


It’s grand opening time! We are so excited to welcome you to Tulsa Ballet’s Hardesty Center for Dance Education. Join us on Saturday, July 30th at 11 a.m. at 101st and Aspen in Broken Arrow. Our crews have been working tirelessly to get the new facility spotless for the grand opening and for classes that begin in the fall. All of the major work on the exterior and interior of the building is complete and crews are working on adding the final touches. They’ve installed lockers in the boys and girls’ locker rooms, added lights to the performance studio, and brought in all of the furniture for the lobby and office spaces.

We can’t wait for you to see some of the artwork of our beautiful dancers in action being displayed around the facility. Come take a look for yourself at the grand opening next Saturday! If you, a family member, or someone you know is interested in taking a wide range of dance classes, check out our location and see what Tulsa Ballet can offer you!

2Hardesty 7:21 Hardesty 7:21


Happy 4th of July!!

We’re so excited for our grand opening at the end of the month and we hope you’ll join us!

Crews have been working hard to complete studios 1, 2 and 4. Each of the studios is equipped with Marley floor, full-length mirrors and built in ballet bars. The lofted ceilings give the studios an open feel.

Our crews have placed topsoil around parts of the building and parking lot to prepare for grass and plants this coming week. The break room, water fountains and ceiling tiles in the lobby have been installed. Take a look at some of the photos as we near the finish line!

H1H3 H2


We have great news! We’re just a few weeks away from our grand opening, which means classes are just around the corner! We hope you’ll join us in the fall and we look forward to having you in class.

Our crews are preparing for the final touches on the interior and exterior of the building. All of the necessary building aspects have been completed and now crews are on to some of the aesthetics. Speakers and lighting fixtures are being installed throughout the studios and the carpet is giving the lobby a finished look.

Crews are also filling planters in the parking lot and around the building to add a few pops of color to our gorgeous new school.

Check out some of the photos of this week’s progress.

Hardesty6 Hardesty5 Hardesty4 Hardesty3 Hardesty2 Hardesty1


The grand opening of our new satellite school is just around the corner! Our crews have put in so much work to get the school ready for a new batch of students in the fall. Many projects have been completed and the painting for some of the studios will start this week. With the majority of the “major” projects completed, crews will be working to put on those finishing touches in the coming weeks. This part of the construction should move along quickly! Check out the photos and see the progress for yourself.

IMG_2443 IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2447


Over 125 guests came out for our safety luncheon this week! We have so much appreciation for our builders who work so hard to get our site ready for our opening. The reception took place in Studio 2, so you can see just how big the studio is and how many people it will accommodate once it’s ready.



The best way to see our progress is through photos so we’ll let them speak for themselves this week!

IMG_2436 IMG_2437


We’re just three short months away from our grand opening at the Hardesty location! We hope you are as excited about it as we are and we look forward to seeing you at one of our many classes!

As for progress on the building, we’re almost complete! Nearly all of the paneling for the exterior of the building has been installed which is what is giving the building that complete look.

For those of you who have been to the Brookside location, the ceiling of the studios will be similar to those of studios E and F. They will have an open, exposed look.

Check out some more photos of our progress and stay tuned as we move closer and closer to our opening!

Hardesty5:1 Hardesty5:1-2 Hardesty5:1-4 Hardesty 5-1-3


Progress is continuing at the Hardesty site as we get one day closer to our grand opening! Enrollment has officially opened and we hope you are as excited about it as we are. Now that most of the framework has been completed for the building, crews are working on putting the finishing touches on ductwork, insulation, mechanical and electrical aspects of the interior.
We could go on, but we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
Hardesty412 Hardesty2412 Hardesty3412 Hardesty4412


There’s been so much happening this week at the Hardesty site we can hardly fit it all into one post! We have paneling installation, plumbing work, wallboard installation, electrical work, ducts installation, and poured concrete! Crews are working hard to complete the paneling installation on the exterior of the building which can be seen in the photos. The window openings have been covered so nothing can slow our crews down as they work on the interior of the building! More work was completed on the in-house theatre including the stair-stepped outline of the audience seating area.

Hardesty 3.30 Hardesty2 3.30

Hardesty 3.11 Hardesty 2 3.11


Progress on our in-house performance theatre is moving along this week! Crews have framed the seating portion of the studio as well as placed insulation and sheet-rock. In the photos, you can see part of the ceiling over the theatre with piping for electricity running across the top. Once crews finish installing all of the piping and sprinklers in the ceiling, the pipes will be painted black so they are invisible during performances.

Our crews are working on framing the stage in the theatre, which will make the room look more complete and give a better idea of what the performance theatre will look like once it’s complete.

Since the exterior of the building is complete, crews are focusing on all the details necessary before completing the school’s look. Those include framing the offices and the cubbies for dancers, the parking lot “islands,” and duct-work around much of the building.



Progress continues at our new Hardesty location! Our crews have been working hard this week to install sheeting along the steel structure. This will serve as an air and moisture barrier once it’s installed. More concrete was poured this week as well, creating a “trickle lane” that will help prevent erosion and standing water in the retention pond. In the photos, you can see the size of the studios and get a glimpse down the hallways between studios. The initial roof has gone up over the lobby and office area as well as a high roof over the performance studio. Check out the photos and tell us what you’re most excited about once our school opens!



We have a lot of exciting things happening this week at the Hardesty site! Crews installed the gypsum board, which helps give shape to the building. It’s also helping the building look a little more complete. We are so excited to be one step closer to a finished building. Have we mentioned how huge this facility is? Look at those photos!

School1 school2 School3 School4


Things are really starting to come together at the new Hardesty location! Our new school finally looks like a real building! The primary steel for the entire building has been placed and crews are now working on putting up steel beams on the roof of the lobby area of the building. Crews are also putting up the initial wall framings along the front of the building, which you can see in the photos. Now that all the structural steel is up, you can see just how large this new school will be.



As crews are working on the existing framing for the main sections of the building, they’re completing some of the curbing and the “islands” in the parking areas. In the next few weeks, the framing for the entrance and lobby areas should begin, making the building look more complete. Check out some of the photos below!



With more steel going up every day, our construction crew is hoping to have the entire steel frame done at the end of next week! The photos show what the front of the building will look like when completed. The hard work our architects at Selser Schaefer Architects and KKT Architects put in to the design will offer a very unique look for our new school.  The vehicle in the photo gives perspective to just how large the entire building and auditorium will be.




Much of the detail work in the structural steel frame that’s necessary for strengthening the classroom frame was completed this week. Additional steel detail was done to the west portion of the building where crews added wires to the frame for stabilization.



After weeks of preparing the site for vertical construction, we’re very excited that we have steel outlining portions of our building! Crews will continue to work on the site adding more steel to finish the frame of the building.



Crews are preparing for a major pour next week for the main part of the building that includes the lobby and the 160-seat auditorium. Right now, crews are forming squares of rebar that have to be in place before the concrete can be poured. Several storm drains have also been put into place along the perimeter of the building.




Construction crews received a huge shipment of steel this week that’s almost ready to be put to use. Crews are continuing to pour concrete to prepare for the steel and they poured a concrete slab for one of the studios that can be seen in the photos. Check out the size of that studio!

Once crews begin to put up the steel, things should be moving along very quickly.


Plus, our very own Marcello Angelini stopped by to check on the progress at the site and even pose for a photo!



This week at the site, crews poured concrete, formed footings and constructed stem walls in preparation for the coming weeks. With the progress made this week, crews are hoping to pour the classroom section of the slab next week!

The photo below shows a wider view of the construction site but because only part of the perimeter has been laid out, the entire size of the building can’t be seen just yet.

Site 3

Hardesty Construction Update: 11/11/2015

This week, in various locations across the site, spot footings were created to provide stability to the entire building. The construction crew poured 280 feet of stem wall and they expect to pour even more tomorrow. The pink Styrofoam that can be seen in the photo was placed along the stem wall to add extra insulation for the facility. Crews worked on leveling the west entrance and exit to the site and prepared for more stem wall that should be poured by the end of the week.


Hardesty Construction Update: 11/3/2015

And we have concrete! Last week the construction crew poured the initial concrete footings for one of the classroom wings and prepared a trench for another concrete pour.

These initial pours are just a starting point as the crew preps the site for a significant pour later this week.

Recent weather has caused crews to place a pump with a hose in a portion of one of the footings to clear out the standing water. Hopefully the rain will subside and the crew can continue to pour concrete and get the site one step closer to looking like an actual building!


ABOVE: Heavy rains fill up trenches as crews pump the water out to continue pouring concrete.

Hardesty Construction Update: 9/29/2015

With all the progress made from Oakridge Builders, the construction company working on the new satellite school, we’re one step closer to beginning the formal construction process!


ABOVE: Crews prepare the construction site for a concrete pour later this week.

Hardesty Construction Update: 9/17/2015

Since our Groundbreaking Ceremony on July 6th, nearly all of the drainage has been completed for the entrances and exits of the site and the construction crew has received materials for the storm sewer.


ABOVE: Equipped with a hardhat and yellow jacket, Dr. Kirby Lehman, who is a Tulsa Ballet board member serving on the building committee for the satellite school, visits the construction site weekly to photograph and document the progress. The site is now preparing for formal construction.