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Creative Movement

Creative Movement classes focus on the joy of movement with age-appropriate exercises for the whole body. Separate classes are offered for 3-year olds and 4-year olds. Children learn to move through space, develop motor and listening skills and explore shape, rhythm and qualities of movement through music, stories and imagination.


Creative Movement Combination Classes

Creative Movement Combination classes for our 5-year olds build upon the skills developed in Creative Movement classes for 3- and 4-year olds and will introduce elements of Tap or Jazz in preparation of classes to come. An excellent way for your child to learn which dance style they might enjoy most!

As children advance in the School, the work becomes more structured and focused on muscular development, dance skills, and accuracy of execution. While we welcome all children to dance as it fits into their schedules, TBCDE recommends that children 6-yrs and older consider taking multiple classes per week. Repetition will assist with muscle memory and allow children to gain confidence in their learning skills.


Preparatory Ballet

Children ages 6 and 7 begin to learn technical skills, gain physical strength, and develop focus in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Emphasis is on balance, posture, flexibility, strength, musicality and the discipline required for all dance forms. Preparatory Ballet 1 for age 6; Preparatory Ballet 2 for age 7.


Ballet Fundamentals

Ballet Fundamentals employs the skills learned in the Preparatory Classes to allow young dancers ages 8 and 9 to develop the fundamental elements required for classical ballet. Children develop their coordination and musicality and are introduced to the formal structure of a ballet class.


Beginner Ballet

These classes are designed to introduce teen students with no previous experience to ballet.  Students will learn the elements of ballet with a focus on physical awareness, musicality, expression, and basic ballet vocabulary.



Jazz dance is a dance style that first emerged in the United States in the early twentieth century. In a fast-paced and fun environment, students learn technique as well as dance combinations set to current music and improve their overall coordination and physical fitness.



Tap dancing is one of the most popular dance forms of all time. Tap classes develop coordination, rhythm, balance and concentration in a fun and stimulating environment.


Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance developed during the mid-twentieth century and is an important part of a ballet dancers’ training. It employs elements of ballet with the use of the torso found in Modern dance. Contemporary dance also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation techniques.


Adult Program

Ballet is a classical art form that is also an excellent form of exercise and artistic expression. Ballet training encourages precision, agility and fluidity of movement and develops physical strength and flexibility. Classes are taught by supportive and knowledgeable teachers and can be an excellent way to meet new people.


Beginner Ballet I        August – December and January – May

This semester-long class provides the beginning student with an introduction to ballet technique and dance. No previous dance experience required.

Beginner Ballet II        January –May

For the student who has completed Beginner Ballet I or the Elementary dancer who would like to continue honing their skills, this class will build on the movements learned in Beginner Ballet I.

Elementary Ballet

This class is a continuation of the Beginner Ballet program. Dancers will develop their skills and vocabulary. A minimum of one year of dance experience is required for this class. Elementary Ballet is also a recommended class for Intermediate students wanting to refine their technique and develop their strength and coordination.

Intermediate Ballet

This class is for the adult student with a minimum of 3 years of dance experience. Dancers will enjoy more complicated exercises and be challenged physically and intellectually in a fun and supportive environment.

Performance Class

This fun program allows adults ages 18 and older to learn different styles of choreography created especially for them. Classes are designed for all levels, from the beginning dancer to the more experienced dancer.  At the end of both the first and second sessions, students will present their choreography for friends and family in a studio setting. The last session in the spring will feature our adult students performing on stage for family and friends in one of Tulsa Ballet’s in-house theaters. All sessions will end with an informal reception to celebrate. This is an exciting way for adults to meet new people, challenge themselves in a fun environment and for those who might want to get back to the stage!

The more experienced dance student delves into the art of dance through rigorous and challenging classes taught by highly-trained artists who share their professional experience with enthusiasm. The Intensive Program offers carefully structured classes to those students who have the passion, experience and aptitude to train and study dance in depth.


Program Description – Intensive Program (ages 9-18)

 Lower Levels 1-3; Upper Levels 4-8

The Intensive Program starts for students age 9 at two days per week and builds with each level to run six days per week for more senior students. Dancers who have the aptitude for a professional career in dance will be guided to develop their talents for the profession. Depending upon the level of the student, the program includes Ballet, Pointe, Conditioning, Variations, Repertoire, Jazz, and Modern/Contemporary. New students are required to take a placement class to determine skill level and suitability for the program.

New this Year! The Level 4-5 program will be offered during the day at Hardesty Campus as well as in the evenings at Brookside Campus.

Trainee Program

The Trainee program is designed for the post-secondary dancer intent on developing their talents towards a professional career. The Trainee Program provides a link towards Tulsa Ballet’s second company and main company. Acceptance to this program is by audition only. At the discretion of the Artistic Director, dancers may have the opportunity to perform with Tulsa Ballet. Dancers will be supported to prepare audition materials and with hands-on opportunities to learn other aspects of a performing arts organization such as marketing and development.

Can’t find the right program for you? TBCDE staff will be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help you find the most appropriate classes for your interest and development. Contact us at education@tulsaballet.org or 918-712-5327.