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Our Children’s Program

(First Steps through Ballet Fundamentals) These classes are designed for students ages 2 1/2-13 who wish to experience the joy of dance and movement. Students will develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and musicality in a fun and creative atmosphere that inspires the imagination and instills in each student a love for dance. Upon graduation from TBCDE Children’s Program, students will be properly prepared to move into our Intensive Program where they can continue to build upon the strong foundation laid in our Children’s Program classes.

Pre-Ballet Program

First Steps, Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes are designed for students ages 2.5-6yr old who wish to experience the joy of dance, music, and movement. Students will develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and musicality in a fun and creative atmosphere that inspires the imagination and instills in each student a love for dance. (If this is on the same page as the paragraph above, we might want to change the verbiage)

Preparatory Ballet Program

Preparatory Ballet classes are designed for students ages 6-8yr old who are ready to begin learning the foundational concepts in classical ballet while exploring their expressiveness & creativity, in a structured but nurturing environment. Students will be guided on proper classroom etiquette as they work to develop their focus, flexibility, coordination, strength, musicality, and confidence.

Ballet Fundamentals

Ballet Fundamentals is a continuation of our Preparatory Ballet classes, designed to further lay the foundation for our students to enter our Intensive Program Level 1. Students will continue working on refining their placement, focus, building strength, flexibility, musicality, and creativity. 

Our Flex Program

Upon completion of Level 1, students may choose to participate in our Flex Program in lieu of continuing in our Intensive Program. Students choosing to enroll in our Flex Program will be able to continue to develop their knowledge of classical ballet, at their own pace, without the same commitment required to continue in our Intensive Program curriculum. Flex Program students will continue to receive the same high-quality instruction from our Tulsa Ballet CDE faculty and will have the flexibility to choose from one time per week up to three times per week of instruction. The Flex Program is a perfect option for students looking to simultaneously pursue outside interests or for high level gymnasts, pom, cheer, and figure skaters looking to supplement their own training with ballet. Flex Program students will have the opportunity to participate in End of Year Performances. Pointe work is not an option in the Flex Program as students must be training a minimum of 3-4 times per week in order to safely work en pointe. Students may opt to take contemporary, modern, jazz, tap or hip hop from the equivalent level as electives.

Our Intensive Program

Our Intensive Program begins at age 8 with a minimum of two days per week of instruction and builds in both hours and intensity, according to our carefully designed curriculum. The aim of our Intensive Program is to adequately prepare students who possess the passion, dedication, and aptitude for this art form, to pursue a career in dance at the collegiate and/or professional bridge program levels (such as our Day Program or Trainee Program). Depending upon the level of the student, the program includes Ballet, Pointe, Conditioning, Variations, Repertoire, Character, Jazz, Tap, and Modern/Contemporary. New students are required to take a placement class to determine skill level and suitability for the program.

Our Day Program

The Day Program is designed for students ages 14-19 who have completed a minimum of Intensive Program Level 5 or higher, intent on pursuing a professional career in ballet. This program is by audition or invitation only. Upon graduation from the Day Program, students will be prepared to continue into a Trainee or collegiate program. Students who participate in the Day Program must complete their academics through homeschool or online study.

Our Trainee Program

The Trainee Program is designed for post-secondary dancers aged 17-22 intent on a professional career in dance.  This full-time program focuses on developing the dancers’ technical and artistic abilities while challenging their versatility as artists. Dancers must be working at an advanced level in classical ballet technique with extensive experience in contemporary dance. Dancers must have the physical and artistic potential for a professional career in dance.