Campaign Funds

Integrated Campaign Endowment Funds

The Tulsa Ballet long range strategic plan calls for growing the current $5 million endowment to an endowment of $15 million. Gifts made to the Tulsa Ballet endowment will be invested in the Tulsa Ballet Theatre Trust Fund and earnings from the investment portfolio will provide for an annual cash distribution to support essential programs in perpetuity, with less reliance on the volatility of annual fundraisers.

Integrated Campaign Capital Funds

Hardesty Center for Dance Education- Broken Arrow, OK

New Full Length Ballets

New Nutcracker

Existing Facility Improvements and Archives

Integrated Campaign Operating Funds

Each year, Tulsa Ballet depends on annual contributions and grants to provide funds for general operations. The $3.5 million operating funds will provide a financial bridge until our endowments begin generating spendable income. These funds will ensure that Tulsa Ballet can continue to operate at the same level of excellence throughout the duration of this campaign.