Ballet is a classical art form that is also an excellent form of exercise and artistic expression. Ballet training encourages precision, agility and fluidity of movement and develops physical strength and flexibility. Classes are taught by supportive and knowledgeable teachers and can be an excellent way to meet new people.

Beginner Ballet I        August – December and January – May

This semester-long class provides the beginning student with an introduction to ballet technique and dance. No previous dance experience required.

Beginner Ballet II        January –May

For the student who has completed Beginner Ballet I or the Elementary dancer who would like to continue honing their skills, this class will build on the movements learned in Beginner Ballet I.

Elementary Ballet

This class is a continuation of the Beginner Ballet program. Dancers will develop their skills and vocabulary. A minimum of one year of dance experience is required for this class. Elementary Ballet is also a recommended class for Intermediate students wanting to refine their technique and develop their strength and coordination.

Intermediate Ballet

This class is for the adult student with a minimum of 3 years of dance experience. Dancers will enjoy more complicated exercises and be challenged physically and intellectually in a fun and supportive environment.

Performance Class

This fun program allows adults ages 18 and older to learn different styles of choreography created especially for them. Classes are designed for all levels, from the beginning dancer to the more experienced dancer.  At the end of both the first and second sessions, students will present their choreography for friends and family in a studio setting. The last session in the spring will feature our adult students performing on stage for family and friends in one of Tulsa Ballet’s in-house theaters. All sessions will end with an informal reception to celebrate. This is an exciting way for adults to meet new people, challenge themselves in a fun environment and for those who might want to get back to the stage!


Adult Beginning Ballet I, Spring SessionMondays12:30-1:30pmBrookside
Adult Beginning Ballet I, Spring SessionThursdays7:00-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Beginning Ballet II, Spring SessionTuesdays6:15-7:15pmBrookside
Adult Elementary Ballet, Spring SessionSaturdays9:30-11:00amBrookside
Adult Intermediate Ballet, Spring SessionMondays6:30-8:00pmBrookside

Adult Beginning Ballet I, Spring SessionMondays6:45-7:45pmBroken Arrow
Adult Beginning Ballet I, Spring SessionTuesdays1:00-2:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Beginning Ballet II, Spring SessionWednesdays6:30-7:30pmBroken Arrow
Adult Elementary Ballet, Spring SessionTuesdays6:35-8:05pmBroken Arrow
Adult Intermediate Ballet, Spring SessionThursdays6:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow


Enrollment for Adult Classes are by semester only.  You can enroll by clicking on the title of the class(es) of your choice from the list above, or by printing and submitting an Adult Enrollment Form.


Annual Registration Fee:  No fee for adult students

1 Hour Classes: $160/semester

1.5 Hour Classes: $190/semester


For students who need to withdraw from classes, withdrawal forms can be obtained at the front desk and returned to one of the CDE Administrative Assistants. All forms must be returned 30 days prior to student withdrawal. Parents/guardians will be responsible for all tuition payments due up to one month after the written notice. Tuition is non-refundable except in the case of serious illness or injury as verified by a doctor’s certificate or in the relocation of a family. Refunds will not be given for inclement weather or unforeseen events.


Adult BalletClothing – Clothing needs to be comfortable for moving, such as yoga-style exercise clothing, sweats and t-shirt, or leotard and tights
Shoes – Canvas or leather ballet shoes are a requirement for all adult ballet classes