Adult Classes, Ages 15 and older

Adult Ballet is designed for teenagers and adults who are interested in an open enrollment and on-going ballet training program at the beginning or intermediate level. Adult Ballet offers participants a wonderful opportunity to strengthen and tone the body, as well as increase flexibility, musicality, balance and coordination while enjoying the aesthetics of this classical art form. No previous experience is required for the beginning level. Adults wishing to take the intermediate level are encouraged to have some ballet experience or physical fitness training.

2019 Adult Summer Class Schedule:

Adult Beginning BalletMonday, June 246:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Intermediate BalletTuesday, June 256:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Beginning BalletWednesday, June 266:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Intermediate BalletThursday, June 276:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Beginning BalletMonday, July 86:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Intermediate BalletTuesday, July 9
6:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Beginning BalletWednesday, July 106:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Intermediate BalletThursday, July 116:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Beginning BalletMonday, July 156:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Intermediate BalletTuesday, July 166:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Beginning BalletWednesday, July 176:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Intermediate BalletThursday, July 186:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Beginning BalletMonday, July 226:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Intermediate BalletTuesday, July 236:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Beginning BalletWednesday, July 246:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Intermediate BalletThursday, July 256:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Beginning BalletMonday, July 296:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Intermediate BalletTuesday, July 306:30-8:00pmBroken Arrow
Adult Beginning BalletWednesday, July 316:30-8:00pmBrookside
Adult Intermediate BalletThursday, August 16:30-8:00pmBrookside

2019/20 Adult Class Schedule:

Classes start September 3, 2019

Adult Ballet, BeginningThursday6:05-7:05pmBrookside
Adult Ballet, BeginningSaturday11:05am-12:05pmBrookside
Adult Ballet, IntermediateMonday7:10-8:40pmBrookside
Adult Ballet, IntermediateWednesday7:10-8:40pmBrookside
Adult Stretch & StrengthThursday7:15-8:15pmBrookside
Adult JazzSaturday12:10-1:10pmBrookside
Adult Ballet, BeginningMonday6:20-7:20pmBroken Arrow
Adult Ballet, BeginningWednesday6:15-7:15pmBroken Arrow
Adult Ballet, IntermediateTuesday6:45-8:15pmBroken Arrow
Adult Ballet, IntermediateThursday7:00-8:30pmBroken Arrow
Adult Ballet, IntermediateSaturday9:30-11:00amBroken Arrow
Adult Stretch & StrengthMonday7:30-8:30pmBroken Arrow
Adult JazzWednesday7:30-8:30pmBroken Arrow


Drop-in enrollment welcome.

Adult Enrollment Form


Annual Registration Fee:  No fee for adult students

1 Hour Classes: $12.50 per class

1.5 Hour Classes: $15 per class

Class Card: $100 for 10 classes

Monthly Pass (includes entry to all adult classes offered at Brookside and Broken Arrow locations): $120/month

Dress Code

Ballet: Canvas or leather ballet shoes are a requirement for all adult ballet classes.  Clothing needs to be comfortable for moving, such as yoga-style exercise clothing, sweats and t-shirt, or leotard and tights.