Now you can support Tulsa Ballet while you shop at any of hundreds of online stores or search for anything on the internet! It’s so easy. First, go to Click the link to "Make GoodSearch Your Homepage."  Follow the directions for your web browser. Then type in the charity you wish to support (hint: Tulsa Ballet). Now, every time you need to find something on the internet, a donation will be made to Tulsa Ballet in support of Hope for the Holidays.

Want to have even more of an impact? Every time you use the GoodShop stores for your online purchases, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to your charity. The hundreds of participating stores include Amazon, Gap, Target, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Crate and Barrel. Type in the name of your favorite store and see if they are a participating site. Now you can get your holiday shopping finished while also making the holidays nicer for those in need.