pre-professional division

Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education (TBCDE) offers pre-professional level training for students wishing to pursue a career in dance. The curriculum emphasizes classical ballet technique based upon the Russian-based Vaganova method of training. Character, Jazz, and Modern dance classes are an integral part of the training program. Students are also exposed to other forms of dance to enrich and enhance their dance experience.

The Pre-Professional Division offers classes for students 8 years old through 18. Students must audition for the Pre-Professional division. To schedule an audition, please contact us at (918) 712-LEAP. Students accepted into the Pre-Professional division are required to attend all classes listed under their assigned level, which will range from 2 days per week for lower levels to 6 days per week for upper levels.

The affiliation of TBCDE to its parent organization, Tulsa Ballet, ensures that all students have an opportunity to observe and participate in the professional performing arts world. Young dancers are often invited to watch company rehearsals and classes — an extraordinary benefit available only at TBCDE.

All ballet classes are conducted with piano accompaniment and taught by experienced professional instructors.

All Pre-Professional students will participate in an exam class during the spring. This is a rehearsed ballet class performed in front of a panel consisting of TBCDE instructors, ballet mistresses, and the Artistic Director. Students will receive an evaluation at the end of the school year with the results of the exam class. This information is helpful to assess the progress of their study and assist them in setting priorities and goals for the coming year.

Students of TBCDE are encouraged to participate in performances each year. In addition to the annual student production in the spring, qualified students have the option of auditioning to perform in Tulsa Ballet productions, including The Nutcracker. All casting of students in productions is solely the decision of the artistic staff of Tulsa Ballet and TBCDE.

Tuition fees are based on the school year, and may be paid annually or monthly by direct debit. Tuition varies for each level, dependent upon the number and variety of classes offered each week for that level. All fees are detailed in our TBCDE Students Handbook and on our Enrollment Forms.

Students are required to adhere to a dress code. This standardization of dress and basic grooming allows the school’s faculty to concentrate more effectively on the work of the students, and conforms to the generally accepted norms of classical ballet school protocol. Dress code is assigned by level and is detailed in the TBCDE Student Handbook.