Artistic Staff

Roman Jasinski – Founding Artistic Director
Moscelyne Larkin – Founding Artistic Director
Marcello Angelini – Artistic Director
Daniela Buson – Assistant Artistic Director
Susan Frei – Ballet Mistress & Artistic Coordinator
Alfonso Martin – TBII Artistic Manager & Ballet Master
Ma Cong – Resident Choreographer
Dallas Blagg – Company Manager
Peter Stafford Wilson – Conductor
Andrew Lahti – Principal Company Pianist

Production & Wardrobe Staff

Daniel Wellman – Director of Production
Colette Wellman – Associate Production Manager
Amy Zvacek – Wardrobe Supervisor
Maddie Rice – Costume Assistant

Administrative Staff

Scott Black – Managing Director
Stacey Jenkins – General Manager
Kay Wulf – Director of Finance
Cheri Barrington – Accountant
Stephanie Carter – Accountant
Cindy Webb – Director of Development
Brian Parker – Development Manager
Kate Parker – Grants Coordinator
Cait Thompson – Development Coordinator
Jessica Novak – Marketing & Sales Manager
Ryan Allen – PR & Communications Manager
Sarah Wright – Graphic Designer/Marketing Assistant
Shannon Huntley – Box Office Coordinator
Cherie Nabozny – Group Sales & Marketing Associate
Heather Brindle – Receptionist

Center for Dance Education

Cynthia Drayer – Co-Principal, Hardesty CDE
Andre Reyes – Co-Principal, Hardesty CDE
Carla Lopez – Dance Faculty
Beatrice Sebelin – Dance Faculty
Wang Yi – Dance Faculty
Colleen Lahti – Education & Outreach Manager
John Mannos – Company & CDE Pianist
Rachael Gentges – CDE Administrative Assistant
Krystal Saner – Hardesty CDE Administrative Assistant
Rhonda Huber – CDE Administrative Assistant